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    Quote Originally Posted by matt.guitarteacher

    The best example I know of is Jarrett's my foolish heart, not available on YouTube apparently. You can listen on spotify. Beautiful arch. The head starts at 2:00 or so. That recording is an absolute clinic on that double time build.
    Terrific example, Matt. You're right, it's not on YouTube. I just copied it from Spotify and made a video but it's blocked worldwide. I thought it was open house on YT but apparently not.

    But great example and lovely music, thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    Well, like I said before, your ears must be honed to perfection! Obviously it's easier for some than others.
    Well I think it’s just a case of listening to a lot of slow ballads, and maybe thinking about where the beat is, eventually you just get a feel for it. Maybe most people spend more time listening to faster jazz tunes, but for some reason I was always drawn to ballads just as much.Like I said before, Dexter Gordon is the go-to guy for this, in my book.