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    Here is what I mean. You can totally hear the abstract, embellished form of the melody in the solo (pickup to the solo at 0:54). The melody totally runs through the solo as a theme. The feeling of mental connection you get with Joe Pass when you hear the abstract melody in the solo is very cool.
    I don't know it's fair to expect a listener to hear the melody that well if they only heard the head in the introduction.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tal_175
    IMO the main point of having standards is not the performers, it's the listeners. The more listeners know the melody of a tune, the more they can enjoy the solos. If you don't know the melody, then the solo is just bla-bidi-guk-duba. It's rare that a player can create spontaneous composition detached from the tune that is very memorable.
    The songs we now call standards were popular at that time and jazz was popular music. The likes of Mingus and Monk and a host of critics made it an art form, in which original composition by the performer is primary. So no new standards.

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    This thread = people who listen to jazz from the 1950s and then are surprised that there are no songs written later than the 1950s.

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    Where this thread might have a little tiny bit of a point is that if I go to a jam session and call a pop song of the past 40 years, no one is going to know it or want to play it.

    This has, I think, much more to do with the jazz is taught; with people learning songs from written sources such as the real book where the repertoire is somewhat reified. If players were more comfortable using their ears to play songs, it wouldn't be a big deal to bust out something a bit more recent. (And this counts for myself.) Players like Robert Glasper just know a lot of tunes, old and new. Pro musicians are also very fast at learning tunes.

    In professional jazz circles playing a recent pop or rock tune is so unremarkable as to be scarcely worthy of note.

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    his royal highness, King Sco of Field
    This is so beautiful.

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    Has any one listed this or does it qualify.Halie Loren 'A Womans Way'