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    I'de like to find a simple songbook with chords diagram at the top and the lyrics with the changing chord above the words.

    This type of book is very common for pop songs but i have difficulty to find for Jazz standard.

    The famous fakebooks usually don't have lyrics and don't have chords diagrams.

    I am more of a singer and just want to play along with good sounding jazz chords


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The closest you are likely to come to that is the Ultimate Jazz Fake Book by Hal Leonard, but I think it has chord names, not diagrams.
    The Ultimate Jazz Fake Book - C Edition | Hal Leonard Online
    There may be some self-published books that have lyrics and diagrams, but more likely than not they’d be amateurish, with errors or poor chord voicings.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen one, but I think the Hal Leonard book has fairly basic chord progressions without a lot of jazzed up substitutions or extensions, so if you learn the basic four-note chord forms they shouldn’t be too difficult to play.

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    Thanks for the answer.
    I have buy the real vocal book and the pocket guitar chord dictionnary both by Hal Leonard
    The real vocal book is good with lyrics and chords but i feel that sometimes there's mistakes or maybe that the specific version that i'm taking inspiration from is a bit different in term of chord progression.