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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    lucky you...some great early mark murphy

    doin' milestones


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    ty but video not available in this country..scouting you tube..they said Mark was controversial ..glad he didnt become an average crooner..reminds me of Betty Carter..

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    You're in for a treat Voxss, as Mark has so much great music to discover! To me, Mark is THE male jazz singer and the musical father of younger singers like Kurt Elling, Kevin Mahogany and Ian Shaw.

    If you can access this link from outside the UK, a great introduction to Mark's career is this episode of BBC Radio 3's show Jazz Library.
    BBC Radio 3 - Jazz Library, Mark Murphy
    It can be downloaded or streamed.

    A few of my favourites from across Mark's career:

    Rah! (1961) (check the credits on this! Clark Terry, Blue Mitchell, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Jimmy Cobb etc)

    Stolen Moments (1979)

    Bop for Kerouac (1981) (with Richie Cole, Bruce Forman etc)

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    Mark's take on Freddie Hubbard's 'Red Clay' has been an anthem of the UK jazz dance scene since the '90s.

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    And towards the end of his career, a return to a major label, Verve, for two beautiful releases, 'Once to Every Heart' and 'Love is What Stays'.

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    ty david