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    Classic song and really nice duo interpretation!

    Bill Frisell And Thomas Morgan Finesse The Iconic Theme 'You Only Live Twice' : NPR

    Love the minor sounds in spy and surf music!


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    Excited he has a new one coming out.
    He and Thomas Morgan really play well together.

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    thomas morgan is rapidly becoming the nhop of current times..playing with all the best

    as mentioned in op ^ link...he and frisell already cut an album released in 2017- small town-

    and promo'd it...

    stayin within the 007 genre- goldfinger

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    Nice. I’m getting to see him play solo tomorrow night and with Thomas Morgan on Saturday.

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    Thanks! My all time favorite series is the JAmes Bond. I just love everything about it, and if its music is spiced up with jazz, and pro players, it is really words class!

    Looking forward to the new Bond movie, hoping to hear some new outstanding sountracks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by neatomic View Post
    thomas morgan is rapidly becoming the nhop of current times..playing with all the best
    Agreed. Saw him with Jakob Bro and Joey Baron last week. He has a beautiful touch and tone on the bass. Not a busy player - he makes every note count!

    Will definitely pick up the new release. I know it's live at the Vanguard. I wonder if it's mined from the same run of shows that produced 'Small Town'.

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    The two things that they share in overload - outstanding musicianship and beautiful awkwardness. I could listen to them play AND be interviewed all day.
    Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny. FZ