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    Just checked... in my Real book it goes

    Db-7 Gb9|Abmaj7 |Bo7 etc.

    So there's a sort of 'backdoor' turnaround in Ab major with relevant ii to Gb chord

    C-7 is also possible as a iii in Abmaj... (quite common sub and following changes in traditional harmony to avoid full tonic cadence)... you could even go on by v-ii cycle and put F7 instead of Bo7 (as V to Bb-7) or even F-7

    So this C-7 Bo7 Bb-7 Eb7 can be reduced to I-VI-II-V (Abmaj7 F-7 Bb-7 Eb7) and this Gb9 is backdoor to Abmaj7 (of course if we accept backdoor as an explanation)))


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    [QUOTE=Runepune;785611]That biiio7 (or io7 or #ivo7 or whatever) i

    Made a little video underlining the VII7 (G7) over Bo7.

    really nice vid & playing

    for me i heard a hint of Stella in there

    but re the biiio7 also Tonic Abdim7 can play AbdimMaj7 or G/Ab no B in Bass this gives Tonic DimM7 G is Melody note Followed by F (diminished 7th bb7 or sixth in Ab )