View Poll Results: How many Charlie Parker tunes do you know?

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  • I don't know any

    11 17.46%
  • A couple

    29 46.03%
  • A half dozen or so

    16 25.40%
  • At least a dozen, probably a few more

    5 7.94%
  • Twenty, easy, probably more

    2 3.17%
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    Jim Hall has a live recording of Scrapple from the Apple one of my favorite Bird tunes. In the KC.MO Jazz museum there is a white plastic saxophone only played once by Parker on the Massey Hall concert,as an attraction.The price was around 185,000$ out of a 21 mil. budget for the 18th and Vine Jazz museum with a live room called The Blue Room.Every year on Birds birthday they go to his grave and when possible give him a 21 sax salute! The Bird Still Flies!


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    Joy Spring is by Clifford Brown I think.

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    Bird and Diz largely invented BeBop I think is a fair statement. There were many other fine players but I they stand at the top when bop was the music of the FUTURE!

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    What happened to that Broyle dude? I wonder if he ever groked the greatness of Bird?

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    confirmation is the reason i never thought i'd make a career out of bebop, lol