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    Would anyone like to share their favorite Christmas albums that have a jazz influence?

    I'll start:

    Harry for the Holidays - Harry Connick Jr.
    Silent Nights - Chet Baker
    Django Bells - Gypsy Hombres


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    Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Favorite Christmas Albums with Jazz Influences-guaraldi-charlie-brown-christmas-jpg

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    Ray Charles' christmas album is pretty jazzy in spots.

    But "Charlie Brown Christmas" is the gold standard. The only Christmas album I could listen to in July.

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    Once again Mr. B, you & I have similar music tastes. "Charlie Brown Christmas" is also one of my favorite selections.


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    I just checked out the Ray Charles -Spirit of Christmas. It's worth adding to my collection. Also ordered the Verve Presents:The Very Best of Christmas Jazz.

    I get tired of the same old same old

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    I love Tuck Andress' Christmas Album: Hymns Carols & Songs About Snow

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    GRP Christmas Album...cuts by Diane Schur, Lee Ritenour, Kevin Eubanks and others. I've had Charlie Brown Christmas for years, and listen to it most of all.

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    I love "Charlie Brown Christmas" too.
    Seems to me that a number of years ago, there was a compilation record, of mostly Jazz guitar, but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it!
    Anybody else remember this, of am I just dreaming?

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    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is my top choice. Guaraldi's original trio had the great Eddie Duran on guitar. I often wonder what the album would have sounded like had they used him on it.

    Also love the Tony Bennett/Basie Band recording.

    And, though it's not completely jazz influenced:

    There are several version of "The Christmas Song" on this recording.

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    That LP cover is pure sweetness

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    I really like the album "Jingle All The Way" by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. It's got some pretty interesting covers.

    Here's them doing 12 Days of Christmas live:
    . Each day is done in a different key and musical style, and the day number corresponds with the time signature they use (i.e. 3/4 for day 3, 4/4 for day 4, 5/4 for day 5, etc).

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    Joe Pass ... "Six String Santa"

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    Ella Fitzgerald has one that I listened to a lot this year. Ella's swingin' Christmas I think is the title. She improvises around a melody as well as any horn player. Great stuff.

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    My favs are The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas discs. That live show they do for Christmas is among the best I have ever seen. I also like Diana Krall's Christmas recording, and it is hard to get enough Manhattan Transfer Christmas.

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    oscar peterson's Christmas album; also albums by duke ellington (his take on the nutcracker suite), herb alpert (yes, there is a jazz chord in there—i heard it!), chris botti, diana krall, james taylor, lisa ono, luis miguel, nancy wilson, willie pickens, nat king cole, natalie cole (two!), tony bennett (also two!), take 6, and ramsey lewis.

    i always wished that thelonious monk had recorded a Christmas album. how fun that would have been! (sigh)

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    Hi everyone, I know it's only august lol but I compiling a song list for the ensembles at the music school I teach and that includes a holiday recital at the end of the curse that's why I'm starting this early my 'holiday listening' season. I'm looking for records/ songs to listen to and I need to transcribe some solos and make the lead sheets in case they're not in the Real Book.
    So what are your favorite Holiday jazz albums/songs? what would you recommend?
    All levels and songs are welcome, Recent or classics, guitar or not..
    Thanks in advance!

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    Kenny Burrell's Christmas album is one my all time favorites.

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    A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi
    Christmas Caravan - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Christmas Songs - Diana Krall
    Four Hands & a Heart - Larry Carlton
    Hymns, Carols and Songs About Snow - Tuck Andress

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    Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite is great, though probably not what you're looking for. Incidentally, Hal Leonard's "real Christmas book" has nice jazz changes for the standard carols.

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    Jazz standards include The Christmas Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..... Of course, that does not take into account the Christmas Carols.

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    vince guaraldi!

    esp this classic


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    I've posted this before......sorry for repeating's just that nothing says the 'Night Before Christmas' like this one.....

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    yeah guaraldi was special..eclectic, melodic..could play it straight, but always pushing boundaries..fact that his music is as much a part of the charlie brown thing as schultz, the creator ...a fave


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    Yes indeed. It's hard to think of a better match between visual art and music. A close second might be the pairing of Bill Frisell's music with the animations of Gary Larson's 'Far Side' cartoons. Somehow, BF seemed to really understand what should accompany a cow walking about on its hind legs. And I honestly mean that as a compliment. (Sorry, I'm getting off the Christmas theme now).

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    My Christmas CDs--jazz and otherwise--are packed away in a special box, so I'll just mention two of my all time favorites: Joe Pass Six String Santa and Wynton Marsalis, Crescent City Christmas Card.

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    Always loved the groove on this one.

    Also if I have to listen to Christmas music, gimme the old Ella stuff all day.

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    wow thanks guys! I got plenty to choose from now, It's gonna be an early holiday season mood over here haha

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    Holiday Soul by Don Patterson is my favorite Christmas album by far. Pat Martino's playing on that record is jazz guitar at its finest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlteredDave
    wow thanks guys! I got plenty to choose from now, It's gonna be an early holiday season mood over here haha
    I generally start a new Christmas arrangement and dust off old ones this time every year, that way it sounds somewhat decent for the season!

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    From the "Six Strng Santa" album by Joe Pass, a slow "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

    and a mid-tempo "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

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    Not exactly jazz but John Fahey's christmas album is one of my favorites

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    On a lark, I went to YouTube and typed in "herb ellis christmas." This came up: Herb with Redd Foxx from the sitcom "Sanford & Son."

    I used to watch that show but did not know Herb had been on it. (Of course, back then, I wouldn't have known who he is if someone told me his name.)

    Herd does some tasty/bluesy playing here, although the camera's not on him much. Worth a listen.

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    Royce Campbell also has some very fine Christmas music. Royce has become one of my favorites.

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    Six String Santa (Joe Pass) is hard to beat - it's definitely my favorite, although I've not come across the Burrell Xmas recording before. Like it too...

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    From a lesson by Rich Severson (99 cents guitar lessons) "O Christmas Tree." I think he does a fine job here.

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    Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell are the first that sprang to mind, close behind Gerry Beaudoin & The Boston Jazz Ensemble,
    A Sentimental Christmas
    . It's a fine set, more of a ensemble set than a guitar showcase.

    I've just pulled down my box of Holiday CDs, but haven't looked through it.

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    My three favorite jazz guitar based albums are from John Pizzarelli Let's Share Christmas, Six String Santa from Joe Pass, and a recent addition from Steve Abshire and Vince Lewis, Tis' the Season.

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    User Info Menu has a bunch of his arrangements of Christmas tunes. Most of them are pretty triadic, but his version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is quite adventurous and a serious finger buster.

    Not a guitar version, but years ago, I saw the Keith Jarrett Trio do a version of that same tune, with Keith doing a rubato introduction so gorgeous that the audience didn't initially recognize it. Later, I found a bootleg of it... I'm glad it wasn't lost in the air forever.

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    Tuck Andress "Hymns, carols and songs about snow"

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    Not a Christmas song per se but that's the mood here.

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    Actually this was it. Martino at 20.

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    Hah there's a whole album!

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    Big Rhythm Band, A Swingin' Christmas. A very creative effort by James Holihan, Jr. Multi-tracked guitars arranged a la a swing big band. It utilizing a wide variety of guitar sounds.

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    I second that Tuck Andress' christmas album is fantastic.

    Other guitarists who have made good christmas albums are:

    Pat Martino (on the Don Patterson record "Holiday Soul")

    Steve Eckels - Comfort and Joy (Solo classical but on the whole quite jazzy)

    Ron Eschete - Christmas Impressions (with a particularly great version of "God rest ye merry gentlemen"

    Jimmy Ponder - Guitar Christmas

    Tony Mottola - Holiday Guitars