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    So, a question asked in honesty with no mal intent intended: If we are to become creative musicians, is it better to learn from others ideas(inorganic) or to challenge yourself on every new piece to do the best job you can do(in place and time) and try to put your trademark on the music(organic)? The first approach(IMO) creates hordes of musicians who "sound like so and so " while the second approach, for better or worse, allows you to explore ideas of your own and have the real potential for "your sound."
    For those on this forum who have traveled either road, it shows in their playing. The inorganic approach is a much faster way to improvisation however, the organic approach creates, for me, a distinct style of playing. However, I'm not referring to musical cliches that advanced players use often but rather to organic improvisations unique to the musician. This is my problem with Free Jazz and Jazz Fusion where, to me, everyone sounds the same playing the same tired scales against predetermined changes. Here's "The Jug"-- an example of an organic player that speaks with a unique voice. Play live . . . soon???? . . . Marinero


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    "I don't think all this philosophical stuff matters..." Delo054

    Hi, D,
    Thanks for your response however, I don't think organic vs. inorganic is philosophical but rather practical since it governs the way we practice and how we work on songs. Let's take it for granted that it is important to learn scales, chords, inversions, etc to grow both technically and improvisationally. However, the difference between the two approaches is that with organic growth one uses his/her experience and their ears to develop a song whereas the inorganic approach is similar to putting together set pieces from a puzzle using a harmonic/melodic skeleton and an array of scales/chords that tradition says fit within those parameters. There's no right or wrong but I believe organic growth creates more personal and creative improvisations as witnessed by both the professional and aficionado alike albeit, it is for many, a more difficult path. Play live . . . Marinero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holmes Monaco
    that seems so complicated, i cant even read through that. why not just concentrate on arpeggios for the changes?
    it is always a good idea to formulate opinion about what we did not even read. It is efficient and fast method.