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    Hi everyone,

    I've been busy over the past few weeks getting ready for the launch of the second album by my prog-gypsy jazz outfit the Hot Club of Jupiter, that we will be releasing online on the 16th April, 7:30pm (18:30 UTC) live from the London Transport Museum.

    This will be a free stream with the option to contribute.

    Really proud of this one. All the tunes are related to London - from well worn standards but re-imagined standards like Chelsea Bridge and A Nightingale Sang through to original compositions and songs by the band, who feature session and jazz credits ranging from Thundercat and Bill Laurance to the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Orchestra via ELO and the Who. We'll also have chanteuse Kate Mullins (the Puppini Sisters) joining us for a few songs.

    There will be grossly inappropriate use of guitar pedals, complicated soli, forays into odd time, a SONG with LYRICS by me, Trains. Buses. Classic Art Deco San-Serif fonts. The premiere of an awesome animated music video!

    Also, some Gypsy Jazz too!

    Here's Kit, the violinist, explaining all, in the bluest suit you have ever seen

    Here's some blurb and a track (about 18m in) on this in-depth podcast with Sel-mac luthier extraordinaire John Le Voi

    Here is the (YouTube) livestream link


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Gypsy Jazz - wow .
    I got link.

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    Congrats, C,
    Good luck on your project/release!
    Play live . . . Marinero

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    Really love THCoJ's first album. Looking forward with bated breath for this new one. Congrats! I see the guitar player, whoever he is, plays an ES-175. Must be legit.

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    Turns out you can buy the thing online

    Vs London | The Hot Club of Jupiter

    tune in tomorrow! 6:30 UTC

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    Love it, bought it. Recommend others to do the same.

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