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    VSDC is what I usually use for video editing, but I decided to start trying Reaper, it's known as a DAW but also does video editing. I did this with still photos and automated motion.

    My youtube description:

    Which is it for you, a Tele or a Les Paul?

    Keith Forrest wrote a tune called "Chasin' Your Own Tale". We updated it with me, I'm Frank, and Keith trading licks. He's playing lead on a Tele and I'm playing lead on a Yamaha RS620. Now the Yamaha RS620 is similar to a Les Paul, but better (run for cover, just kidding, no really). Maybe I should call the guitar Paulie Girl.

    The guitars appear in the order of which they were played. Rhythm guitars: Taylor GS Mini, Epiphone ES 335 pro. Lead Guitar: Squire Affinity Tele, Yamaha RS620 (my baby).

    Warning Guitar Porn... and, no guitars were injured in the making of this video.

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    fun vid...tune has a jj cale type vibe...

    as per tele vs yamaha...always nice to have that fender single coil snap against the humbuckery tones..makes each stand out a bit more...no winner..they mutually benefit from the other


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    Nice tune! Well done!

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    Thanks for checking it out, fun tune.

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    Nice! Gave up trying to use Reaper for video, found it very awkward & pokey. Check out Shotcut: Shotcut - Home