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    Though definitely NOT jazz, I did record this with my group that typically plays jazz when we play out.

    Spout begins with an ocean drum (frame drum with metal ball bearings inside it) slowly rotating to begin the effect of a Summer's rain storm. An effect-heavy acoustic guitar with flatwound strings enters on an ostinato. The tuning of the guitar is set up to make it possible to play the melody entirely with harmonics. Soft synthesizer pads add to the texture. In the background, suspended cymbals and a collection of tom toms introduce a sense of groove. Vibraphone enters later with soft mallets that add to the soundscape. Finally as the composition builds intensity, a lead line on a high synth is revealed to drive the song to the climax.

    The "music video" was filmed at Point Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine over the Summer. I was just going for some relaxing shots of the crashing waves to match the swirling ocean drum that is the foundation of the track.

    I recorded this with my band back in Summer 2018. I worked on it in the Fall when I was on a long-term gig and had a lot of down time. I lost inspiration at some point and just didn't do anything with it for a few years until I was talking with the other guys and we decided it was time to release it. There will be four other songs on this EP.


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    I really love when jazz sensibility are applied to these non jazz ventures. The narrative of the story is handled really differently than the drone flatline I hear from the ambient music crowd. Of should I call them ambians? I used to live in Topsham Maine about 30 minutes drive from Pemaquid point. The Bradley Inn is down there, where I played many duo gigs with a singer some 20 years ago.

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    Thank you Mark! I'm a big fan of your playing and cool to hear that you know the area. Beautiful country up there.