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    Did some Lazy Bird noodling. Then realized it sounds a lot like Pat Martino.

    Then checked out what Pat was up to. Bad idea. As if things were not shit enough already. I hope he gets better.


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    Yeah, I am saddened to read about Pat's situation, but I am encouraged that he is battling on.

    Nobody can go forever. Would be nice if he could come back and play, but regardless of that, I just want him to be able to be as happy as possible in his old age.

    By the way, I love that Lazy Bird version that Pat Martino recorded on "East!"

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    Nice rendition! Speaking of Pat, this tribute concert should be really special:
    really special:Lazy Bird-b51e9348-efae-4169-996f-2b2594936e5e-jpeg

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    Oh man. That is a good lineup.

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    Smoking! Pretty funny though, that you looked like you were chilling out on the sofa while tearing it up.

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    That was nice and yes very Pat M for sure. I still have the album East that Pat plays this tune. In my formative years in college now 40 years ago I would listen to the tune and try to play along. What a joke it was and I had trouble just getting the melody correct along with Pat. Well these 40 years later I still cannot get through the puppy at least anything like the command that Pat had as he just blew the changes and everyone followed. If I hack away I can at least solo on the it at 265 bpm that it was recorded but it reminds me why I have no talent and have to work to stay even. I cannot work those long lines and have to phase my way out of the changes.

    You did so well it was nice to hear would like to hear you stretch this tune out.