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    New to me:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Rita came from Joan Chomorro's Sant Andreu Jazz Band, an amazing group of very young musicians, many of them female. She has toured with him and others, notably Andrea Motis who plays trumpet and sax. Rita is mostly a trombonist, and this is the first time I've seen her on guitar. Andrea's sister Carla is a very talented jazz guitarist, who plays an Ibanez among others. Well worth listening to, tons of clips on YouTube.

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    Saint Andreu Jazz Band is top !
    Here are some of my favorites ( worth listening, trust me ! )

    - Rita Payes + Elisabeth Roma

    - Stolen Moments

    - Aguas de Marco, very impressive cover done by teenagers !

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    Here are the Motis sisters, in an extended home session. Lots of guitar content.

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    Now that’s my idea of a jam session! Wine, food, sunshine, scenery, relaxed friendly beautiful music.

    I luckily spent a wonderful 10 days in Barcelona just before all the recent unpleasantness, not knowing what was coming - I miss the real world, the screen mediated world is a poor poor substitute. Thanks, Rob!

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    I lived many years in Barcelona and left soon after the year 2000. There was always a big jazz scene there, and always people to jam with. Loved its eclecticism. Rita plays really well.

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    For those who don't know, Elizabeth, the guitarist, is Rita's mother. They often perform together, both as a duo and as members of larger groups. Many, many clips on YouTube.

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    There's another thread about her somewhere on the forum but more of her and her mom is good.

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    Gracias Joan Chamorro y sus estudiantes maravillosos como Rita Payes! Espana es el hogar de la guitarra espanola y cantantes con corazon. Tocar en vivo . . . Marinero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    New to me:

    What a voice! Love the trombone solo.