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    Hey guys, Joel here. Any "legend of zelda'' fans on here? I did a track with the changes from Astral Observatory, from the OST of Majora's Mask. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for listening, Cheers!


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    Fun track!

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    the milk bar song is one of my favorites in all of zeldadom, if not video games. imagine my surprise to see this here. enjoyed it

    majora's mask being one of the better zeldas, i'm always glad to see it come up in random situations.

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    hey citizenk74, thanks for listening !

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    @feet hey feet, thanks for listening! oh yea the milk bar, another classic track from the OST. There's something about this video game that I can't describe, the atmosphere, the impending doom of the moon, the incredible OST. I've played it over and over.

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    the milk bar song is so silly and out of place, but i just adore it for whatever reason. it's super not my thing at all as i generally hate all things that might cause joy. the final hours was my other favorite song from that game.

    weirdly, a whole bunch of reassessments and video essays have been made about majora's mask, and zelda games in general, of late. i'm not a real gamer, but it's a fascinating rabbit hole to revisit every now and again. interesting perspectives for me to consider, having studied film and screenwriting. it's not my favorite zelda, but its one of, if not the one closest to me and my personal aesthetic.

    and of course, zelda covers are a thing now, too.

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    @feet yeah man haha, you're right, milk bar song is kinda crazy lol, but I love it too man. What's your favorite zelda game? Alot of people say Ocarina of time, I respect Oot more for its technical side, But Majora's mask is my favorite, just for the atsmosphere. There's something magical about this game I can't describe : Termina field, clock tower, The gorons living in ice mountain, the eerie feeling of ikana canyon. My favorite thing about this game is the side quests, with all the different characters.

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    oof... i very much have super definitive thoughts on the matter. with the caveat that i haven't played all of them (still waiting for windwaker and twilight princess to make it to the switch someday), my top three might be:

    breath of the wild
    ocarina of time
    a link to the past?

    majora's mask is maybe four, and it hurts me to put it that low. it should be two or higher. the only reason i have ocarina above it is because it makes fewer mistakes. majora is too ambitious and weird for it's own good in a way that i just love, but there are some parts that i find too frustrating; parts of the moon, basically anything where a goron or zora mask is required. that just never worked for me. the temples were kinda lackluster and/or tedious to me, as were most of the boss fights.

    but the aggressive weirdness, the five stages of grief thing, the philosophy and religious allusions, the uncomforable juxtaposition of light and dark, the literal specter of death that hangs over everything... it's the closest to my heart and artistic sensibilities in the series (that and maybe link's awakening). but oot has incredible narrative momentum while still having a lot of emotional depth as well. was always torn between the two. it largely depends on whether you're a side quest or main quest guy. i experience majora's mask, but i play ocarina of time.

    conincidentally, this was just relreased:

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    @feet. I agree with you that Majora's Mask was too ambitious for its time. All the characters with different scripts at specific times was too much for the N64. However, Majora's Mask was intended for N64 Disk Drive, an addon that was only released in Japan. The 3 day cycle was once 7 days! The remnants of the other 4 days are still accessible with a game shark. It was also produced in less than a Year, it's amazing what a deadline can bring out of the artist. I'm aware I can never look at this game objectively, the nostalgia is too strong. But, in my opinion, modern games lack charm and soul. The saying that ''Limitation brings out creativity'' I believe this statement. Majora's mask, ocarina of time, link to the past ... they were all limited technically, but they all had an abundance of charm and soul. I've played Breath of the wild, and it is quite an achievement technically. It's quite a big step forward toward open world games, but to me, It doesn't have the same amount of charm and soul as previous titles from NES, SNES, N64 Gamecube. Back to majora's mask. The side quest with the UFOs in romani ranch, to me, there's no better example of charm then this side quest. The attention to detail, the chemistry between the characters.

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    it took me a while to get my head around the three day cycle. i just didn't get it for whatever reason and kept wondering why someone didn't remember me or why this dungeon wasn't cleared and why i had to do something over and over again and such. i do believe that limitations can help and it is truly remarkable what they managed to pull off in the amount of time they had.

    i tend to regard certain zeldas as monolith touching moments (to borrow from 2001); periods in the franchises history that altered its course forever. and i factored that into my rankings, which is why i have them where i do. those three all represented great evolutions that redefined what a zelda game could be. majora's mask didn't do any of that, which is partially why i can't have it higher than four or so, no matter how much i love it. it was such a weird and specific thing that nothing could realistically follow it, so nothing did. but you do see traces of it to this day (mainly in terms of oddness and sorrow), so maybe i'm being a little harsh. as the games got more advance and the scope widened, we lost the focus and overarching theme that oot and majora had. he wasn't there for some grand quest or to save the princess or defeat gannon; he was basically there just to ameliorate grief and come to terms with it in the face of the inevitable. i hope we get some of that focus back down the line.

    it might have been the series high point in terms of emotional resonance and character development. we'll never have another kafei and anju, and i sort of miss that. i would like to opportunity to connect with other characters like that again, but i doubt it'll happen. majora's mask had the best fishing in the entire series too, lol

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    @Feet I understand the three day cycle can be annoying for some people. To me it never bothered me, I saw it as a very creative way to see all the interaction between characters, at different times of the day, all three days. I agree with you that redoing an entire dungeon all over again is really frustrating, but the developers thought of that. That's why if you play the song of time backwards time slows down. To me this is genius, and back then not everyone had the internet, so to know this trick, you had to either figure it out, or one of your friends tell you this secret. (Remember the days of the pre-internet world). I totally agree with you @feet, that Majora's mask was the high point of character development and emotional resonance, It really is all about the side quests, about the chemistry between the characters. To me this game is like Blade Runner, on paper Blade Runner shouldn't work, The structure is all wrong, there's many flaws. But the strength of the atmosphere and style alone, It outweighs all of that.

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    i only played the 3d remake (which was fairly different in places) so the song of time thing was spelled out for me. it helped, but still, i thought the three day cycle was often an unnecessary source of tension, where i had to decide if i wanted to keep looking for all the stupid fairies or just finish the temple before it was too late. sometimes it was exciting, and other times, tedious. the fairies took forever to get in most of the temples, and the boss battles were generally pretty tedious, so i had to budget a fair bit of time for them.

    i'll agree with you that majora is all about the execution, and the experience. i can't imagine any other way to do all the things and tell all the stories it wanted to tell now, but i do wonder if it would have worked as a simple linear narrative instead of the cyclical one, and which might be better. i suppose the cyclical narrative is what makes it stand out, and i can't fault it for that. i guess the big advantage of the structure is that it really allows you to focus on the things that aren't "important"; the ancillary characters, the side quests, the exploration, and all the other things we love about zelda games that don't really matter but we love to indulge in. this was the first time those elements really got to shine. you could almost look at it as two separate games/quests in one.

    and as someone with a community college level of film studies , and i can tell you that i did read the blade runner script (in october of 2019, coincidentally) and no, it doesn't exactly work on paper. it's fine. the film is a huge improvement, mainly in the tone. i'm still lower on the film than most people, though, but that's a story for another day.