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    Here's my take on the famous Italian song "Estate," originally written by Bruno Martin but popuarlized by the Brazilian singer/guitar João Gilberto. Merry Christmas to all those celebrating today.


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    Wow that was fantastic just beautiful and tasteful!

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    Prospective Jazz guitarists should take a valuable lesson from Bulerias' performance. Music is not metronomic. It must breathe. And, how it breathes separates craft from Art. This is very personal music and reflects the true artistry of the performer. Beautiful!
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    very nice b...can hear the joão...

    and a merry christmas to you

    you might find this version by the late great doug raney of interest


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    Thank you all so much! This is a piece I've been meaning to arrange for a while, I've made attempts but nothing really stuck until I finally tried to do it now. I'm really glad it came together as it is truly a gorgeous piece and works very well on guitar.