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    This is a(nother) mini suite whose arrangement I'm still working on. Would be very pleased to read any impressions you may have. Recording quality & EQ probably pretty iffy (you have been warned). Curiosity: there were over 40 different chords at one time, but that increased when I decided to add a different ending


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    Hi Peter

    i hope you staying healthy. You obviously are staying productive!

    That is a very nice piece. I love the guitar arrangement in the first section. And it was a nice surprise as the cello was added. Very well done!

    i hope you have a great holiday season. All the best.


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    Thanks for your words Ric!

    As I said, all feedback appreciated; I'm not necessarily seeking praise, although it's of course always welcome. I know, for example, there are a number of fluffed notes on the acoustic - they're down to lack of practice and time to record endless takes. The drums sound very "programmed" etc etc.

    Suggestions on my last tune were very useful and were duly noted.

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    Hi Peter!

    Sorry I'm not so active here and just saw your message. It was beautiful song. I'm a fan of key changes and this had them.Original piece - feedback most welcomeOriginal piece - feedback most welcome I digged most the part when electric guitar came along.

    Cheers, Mikko

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