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    Hello there friends!!

    I would like to share this video with a "Jam" that we did with members from Frank Vignola's Truefire and the master himself.

    It's incredible how good is the rhythm played by Frank.

    I hope you enjoy it.


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    Nifty! Frank's a great player and teacher. And his rhythm is strong.

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    Hey Mark, thanks for listening.
    Yeah, Frank is amazing playing rhythm.

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    That was great. Did you know that you guys made it into the current issue of Jazz Guitar Today?

    How did you deal with latency?

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    Hey Jack E Blue Frank recorded his part first and sent to us to record ours. Unfortunately it wasn't live.

    It was a big surprise to be in Jazz Guitar Today, but all the credits for that is from Frank, but sure that is an honor to be there.

    Thanks for listening.
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