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    I really wish I knew how to make my ipad setup sound a bit better... not overly processed, just a bit clearer... and without the annoying hiss in the background

    Cheers, Mads


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Usually when I listen to other's recordings of tunes I like (and this is one tune I really like), I hear chord choices and harmonies were I'm tempted to suggest, "try this here, or that there..."
    For your's, just the opposite - I thought to myself, "...that's a chord I need to try..."
    Nice noodling.

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    I like it! It’s pretty with lots of surprises.

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    That's the kind of thing I like about jazz playing.. and listening. thank you

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    Thank you so much guys. Really 'preciate it, I mean really. The audience feedback is definitely something else these days, and we're all dealing with the digital psychosis, I guess... at least I'm a serious rookie when it comes to doing videos. One thing that is so cool about videoposting, though; it lends itself pretty well to unedited onetakes. Going for the take! Sort of like how the old cats did their solo stuff. Personally, fx, I dig every little wart in Ralph Towner's solo recordings.

    I got up this morning and wasn't really happy with my first take; I screwed up the melody towards the end and some other stuff too... Bill Frisell has a killing story about how he went to a gig with Bill Evans, was totally floored, told Evans after the gig how great the show was, and Evans just shook his head, nonono, I sucked tonight. I mean, if Bill Evans felt that way!! We're never really there. So I had to do one more and since the tele just got new strings.

    Thx again cats :-) I'll def check out the stuff that you guys are putting up

    Cheers, Mads
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    Very nice work! I’ve actually spent quite a lot of time with Tenderly, I have written and rewritten my solo guitar arrangement several times. It’s really interesting to see how you found yet more pathways through these beautiful changes. Well done!

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    I studied with Ralph Towner when I was in my 20s, and in one lesson he played me a recording he had just finished for ECM. He said, “there’s a clam coming… There it is! Let’s see how I get myself out of it…”

    The note of course made sense once he played his way out of it. But in isolation, I suppose it did sound like a clam. As many others have observed, sometimes whatever we play AFTER the clam saves us. But it was Ralph that first taught me that lesson.

    Just thought I would share.

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    Cool story. You got to hang with Ralph Towner! Ralph has that undercurrent of great strong time that'll carry him through anything and he can just swing like mad. I'm listening to Nardis right now, drenched in ECMish reverb, and his ideas and time... oh wow...

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    Yes, Ralph’s time is amazing, along with his melodic and harmonic concept. And a truly great improviser.

    I saw him play solo this past year, right before the pandemic, and he stopped about halfway through the concert and held up his guitar. It had a crack the entire length of the top, along the lower bout. The airlines had crunched it that morning.

    How did he sound? Fantastic.

    We had a nice conversation afterwards, it’s many years ago that I worked with him, but he remembered and we talked a bit about that. I had a really nice moment when I was able to give him a copy of my CD of original music, “A Collection of Lives”. Several of the pieces were composed during the time when I studied with him.

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    I like ‘em both. Thanks for posting. You’ve made Tenderly my tune of the week in the practice room. :-)

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    Nice, inventive playing, and I loved the tone from the P90.