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    No jazz in this prog-rock(?) demo piece, but it does have a few twists which you may find interesting. Warning, it rocks out a bit at 2'10 onwards, so you may want to keep an eye on the volume level.

    Again, all feedback gratefully received. Cheers

    Edit: link deleted to evaluate possible EQ issues in recording. Normal service will be resumed .... at some time
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    So, if this isn't jazz, why post it here? Good question, for which I have no convincing answer other than I've been working on all kinds of material lately ranging from bossa to unclassifiable and this demo just happened to be ready.

    In this case, I'd be interested to know whether you think the transitions are coherent, whether the rock bit is out of place, etc. I don't think I'd change the actual instrumentation.

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    Listening on studio monitors, the tune was very mid/low heavy, definitely muddy and unable to discern the different instruments playing in that range. Really wearing on the ears to tolerate getting through the whole tune. Probably sounds great on a phone.

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    I'm aware that the EQ could better, but not to the point that it becomes "intolerable" LOL. I suppose I could do a remix, but it's just a demo