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    This guitar has 2 tones, in your face, and really in your face. I'm enjoying it.


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    THR ? Very nice !

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    summertime in new orleans! funky meters beat..looks and sounds great..nice playin and choices


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    Thank yas!

    Yes, it's the THR. What a neat little practice amp.

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    Simply superb! Excellent playing, Mr.B!

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    Whoa man that just stripped the paint off my office walls. Ripping it!

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    Oh, we are having fun :-)

    Very good sound from that tele, Jeff.

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    Thanks again, citizen, and lawson.

    It's a real spanky one...inspires a lot of nasty tones and playing. I'm enjoying the shit out of it.

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    O, yeah, that's the stuff, man. Loved the vibe and tone.
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