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    I know that most of you have been hit quite hard by the ongoing pandemic and its side-effects.
    Same with me and my band the Gramophoniacs. We specialize in Lindy-Hop dance-events, which of course have all been cancelled.
    Pretty soon after this whole thing started, we decided, that we wanted to actively do something to make people feel good (and also do something about all our lost income).

    That's why I can now produly present „Underground Swingtapes“

    This has been a complete DIY-Approach, from the recording process to the design of the artwork, which is probably part of why I'm so proud of this.
    We arranged/transcribed all the sheet music by ourselves, got together at our pianists living-room (Keeping proper distances) and on 2 days we recorded this full 20-Track Album.

    What you hear is basically one ribbon mic in the middle of the room, (although there were some additional microphones set up to have some control over the balance)
    I'd love to hear abut your thoughts on the sound-design, because we had this vintage-flavour in mind, that we hoped wouldn't be too „distracting“, or „over the top“, for the lack of finding the right words.

    Lastly, if you are interested in buying the music: I'd be really thankful!

    Physical CD's can be ordered through this link:
    We do ship worldwide, but some might prefer a digital download, which is available through all the major platforms as of today.

    I'd be glad if you enjoy our music, and will happily answer all your questions, maybe some of you are planning to do a corona-record aswell

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    Hi, W,
    Good retro sound and arrangements! Also, good musicianship. Good playing . . . Marinero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marinero
    Hi, W,
    Good retro sound and arrangements! Also, good musicianship. Good playing . . . Marinero
    Thank you very much Marinero!

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    Superb !

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    Nice stuff.

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    Thank you guys!
    We put a lot of work into that production. Feels good to finally share it.