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    A Charlie Brown/Peanuts/Snoopy type of vibe.

    A tune I wrote a while ago... This time I got my friend Keith to lay down some tracks.


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    Neat, Fep! Enjoyed that!

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    Thanks all for checking it out. Cheers

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    Where does the phrase "Be The Fish" come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkRhodes
    Where does the phrase "Be The Fish" come from?
    Late reply, I had to get the wife to take a picture of me modeling some Be The Fish attire (hat and tee shirt in this case). A friend, Sammy, was starting an apparel line called "Be The Fish" and I happened to be working up this tune at the time. I was talking to him and told him he could use this tune on his website and wouldn't have to worry about royalties. As it turns out, the apparel line never got past the first run of clothing.

    The term "Be the Fish" came from a fishing trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains where Sammy wasn't getting any bites. His fishing buddy told him you had to "Be The Fish". Which perhaps is a take-off of "Be The Ball" from the golf comedy Caddyshack.
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    It's funny, the first thing that came to my mind was Frank Zappa - not that it sounded like a Zappa tune, but that you shared his uncanny fidelity in transforming a musical vision to execution... nice indeed!

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    I can certify the vibe 'cause I saw Guaraldi & Co. live in Santa Barbara, 1976.

    Thanks for the memories.