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    Here's an abstract concept we tried to capture - the sounds of a bird's wings. We experimented with different mallet/brush combinations on the vibraphone until we settled on this one. You'll hear the flap of the brush as it comes to a stop on the top of the mallet, while the soft mallet head provides a bit of thump and warmth to the actual notes. The guitar tone is reliant on a multi delay setting on the Empress Echosystem - to simulate a quick flutter, a burst of wings as a small bird would skip from branch to branch. You'll hear the texture of it pop out every now and then when I strike a note hard. When I swell into a chord, it disappears into the overall texture.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Fans of late 50s Arthur Lyman?

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    really nice...spatial...fly on!

    are you familiar with the gnostic trio?...Bill Frisell, guitar; Carol Emanuel, harp; Kenny Wollesen, vibes. Composer: John Zorn


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    Very nice, McJazzer. I have birds outside my window, little chaffinches, who were jamming along with you. A wonderful moment.

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    Thank you all! I wasn't sure if this would quite fit on jazzguitar.be but it was heavily improvisational so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I posted! Thank you for the recommendations Pauln and neatomic. I'll leave one of my own favorite pieces of music here as repayment!

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    Very beautiful!