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    The guitar part is just a 5-let ostinato alternating between a few different chords throughout - nothing exciting on its own, but listening back I really love how my friend layered different polyrhythms on top. Sometimes emphasizing every other note so it alternates on the downbeat. Sometimes playing triplets over 4 of my notes and on a few occasions triplets over my 5-let grouping. I was focusing so hard in the moment on not messing up that I couldn't really appreciate that at the time of recording haha.

    We'll be releasing this with a few other similar compositions sometime soon and we're stuck on what to name it. Generally we like big words because it makes us sound in-two-lekt-chyoo-al

    Hope you all enjoy


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Melodic Cascade's Falling on a Stone Shore. McJazzer you allways diliver good stuff. Man I would do a Riders on the Storm type thing with that sound.

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    Something new agey like "Fromage de l'Espace"

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    Space cheese hahaha. Thanks you guys

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    The Daydreaming Mellotron...