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    As I am stuck home (like many of us are) as I practice and play I decided to film some of it and share it with you to see what you think and if you like it. I am planning to do some standards (copyrights permitting) and some stripped down versions of music from my published albums...hope you enjoy it


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    and here is a bossa nova

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    Here is another stripped down version....this time of a tune I wrote for the "Songs for Duke" album recorded with pianist Bruno D'ambra and it is called "when you said what I said". I hope you enjoy it

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    The guitar sounds gorgeous and great playing! Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Jay
    The guitar sounds gorgeous and great playing! Well done!
    Thank you for your words Little Jay...and for taking the time to listen

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    this time gets the acoustic treatment a tune I wrote which I had the chance to record and publish twice...the first time in its original version with Roberto Manzin and Improfives and the second time with the wonderful Michela Lombardi who also wrote lyrics for it...enjoy

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    Time for "London Night" ,from the "Songs for Duke" album, to get the acoustic treatment. The album was originally recorded with my good friend Bruno D'Ambra on piano

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    Nice tone and great playing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justblues
    Nice tone and great playing!
    Thank you Justblues

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    Here is an original theme I recently wrote so did not have a chance to put it on an album yet but I will once the storm is passed (and I already know the musicians I want to record this with I hope you enjoy and have a nice sunday

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    I almost feel embarassed to define this as a tune I wrote in tribute to two of my favorite jazz guitar players because I am in no way in the same league as these two gentlemen but it's a way, for me, to aknowledge some of my influences.

    Originally recorded in my trio album "While we hope and dream" with saxophonist Eric DeFade and doublebass player Tony DePaolis here is a couple of links in case you want to give a sneak peak to the original version
    Youtube :

    Smart link (allows you to pick your preferred streaming service) : Francesco Lo Castro - While We Hope and Dream

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    This tune should have been called "I need a barber" instead here is another yet to be published composition called Motion...enjoy

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    This one is from the album "Chasing Beauty" and was originally recorded featuring the wonderful Noa Bodner of vocals/harmonica and Fulvio Sigurta' on trumpet. Once more don't pay attention, if it's even possible, to the "I just woke up and it's lockdown week n.5" style hair

    If you are curious about the original recording you can find it on the smart link and you will be able to chose your preferred streaming platform: Francesco Lo Castro - Chasing Beauty

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    And with this one We came to the conclution of this series. I hope you enjoyed listening to these acoustic renditions of my original material as much as I enjoyed re-visting my own music at this complicated times. Next for me is to focus my attention on jazz Standards and eventually I'll film and share some of it with you.