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    I was invited earlier today to contribute to a project collection of international "improvisation dialogues" with Christian Vasseur, a French musician with a penchant for free improv. I was asked to record three minutes of improvisation on an acoustic instrument, then email it to Christian, who then improvised around it. I chose a gut-strung flamenco guitar.

    My improvisation was focussed on the Hive Mind of Covid-19, no less! We'll, it has been that kind of day :-)

    I am not the only guitarist to take part in this project, in fact I'm number 35 and counting. The musicians hail from many countries.

    Here is a link to my contribution: Covid-35 | Christian Vasseur

    And here is a link to 34 other contributions: COVID-? | Christian Vasseur

    Headphones recommended.

    COVID-? Project.
    Cooperative Opportune Valuable Improvisation Dialogs

    COVID-? is a way to transfigure the name of the virus, to create again and again and to send a little vitality to the world with the hope that the pandemic will bring about profound changes in our money-hungry economic system.

    The guitar because it is everywhere. Each culture has appropriated it in its style unchanged for about 170 years (Torres, Martin).
    Here often pushed to its limits, sometimes unrecognizable, it is a gateway to good trip, a link that un-confines.
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    took me back to those incus record days...derek bailey..

    interesting...gut string flamenco was inspired choice...& christian v got some great bowing sounds

    and great that he's keeping musicians thinking and active...

    well done


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    It was very enjoyable to do. He composed a solo piece for me, very different:

    And these plectrum-guitar studies:

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    just rewatched..i've seen those before...robs dream is lovely..veers off like all true dreams do...

    the etudes nice as well...and that d'aquisto did sound ever so nice!

    great for a composer to have a player like you around rob..that can play anything written and with heartfelt emotion shining through...bravo


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    Yes, I miss that D'Aquisto, though it recorded better than it sounded in the room. That said, it sounded great in the room! The Big Elf in some respects blew it away, but it was a different type of guitar. I miss them both!

    Christian Vasseur is an inspiration.

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    Rob’s Dream is a lovely and very nearly timeless guitaristic piece—just the occasional punctuation of dissonance to remind us what century it is. And lovingly performed. Is sheet music available?

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    Hi Robert. Best write to Christian Vasseur himself:

    Glad you like it!

    The plectrum studies are available:

    Vasseur, Christian – BERGMANN EDITION

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    Thanks, Rob. I was unfamiliar with his work until now. I’ll contact him.

    COVID Project:  Cooperative Opportune Valuable Improvisation Dialogs-6b7230bb-6869-4e16-bbe6-4c64ec56d200-jpg

    Firenze 2017, Leica M-D 262 & ZM 50 2.0

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    Hi, Rob,
    Very lyrical composition/etude and you played them with with great clarity and expression. RD and the Etudes express a real blurring of genre lines which is the direction I would like to see for the future of Music. Christian writes beautifully and I would like to hear more of his compositions. I also like the depth of your Flamenco guitar. Who is the builder? Nice playing . . . Marinero

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    Cheers, Marinero. You can find more about Christian Vasseur and his compositions on his website and YouTube. He has very formal compositions, and then crazy improvs, somewhat Jeckyl and Hyde-like.

    The guitar in Rob's Dream is by Simon Ambridge, now sold. Sadly. The flamenco guitar in the Covid-19 track is by Camps, the Amazon Negra.