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    3 new tracks for your listening pleasure:

    • Some Other Spring was left out of Melody Messenger, but I believe it will receive radio play. I'll keep you posted.
    • Not a Bad November is my song performed in demo by Vicki Doney, vocal and Steve Ash, piano
    • Lady Be Good is the next-to-last track on Melody Messenger (solo guitar)

    Melody Messenger is for sale on my Exemplar Recordings. If interested PM me for how to order...

    Not A Bad November @ 10 28 2019 by joel fass | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    LADY BE GOOD 12 1 2019B by joel fass | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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    Nice work, Joel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenk74
    Nice work, Joel!

    Re Some Other Spring: it was somewhere in the bowels of producer/friend Bobby Lenti's computer---one of the many tracks that didn't make it to Melody Messenger. Then a FB acquaintance---sharp lady who sings cabaret and has an excellent radio show featuring women in jazz brought up that she'd heard me write that I'd recorded songs of women lyricists. I was sure I hadn't, then remembered we did Some Other Spring (by Irene Kitchings-Arthur Herzog). I listened, and it was better than I thought. I had to do the bridge over to fix wrong melody notes, and do a brief intro b/c I had a too-truncated and abruptly ended part of the verse to Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most as my lead-in. That wasn't working for me. Anyway, I'm assuming the nice lady will play it on her show.

    Coda: Bobby never discards any sound files for projects he's engineering/producing. It can be confusing as hell to find the take you want to use in that labyrinth. But I noticed there was still another take with the complete verse of Spring Can...leading into this tune---the version before the recent edit. One day I will put that verse together with the track you heard here, and release it. I like it, did fairly well with it.

    My takeaway from that entire solo project was a valuable one: I came to view and embrace editing and 'punching' in as another form of composing. After all, when writing you start with a first draft then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. It's said that you lose the freshness and spontaneity of recording when you do it over, patch it together, etc. That is true, but I had enough off-the-top stuff down. I'd never do that with a band or even a duo, it would be self-absorbed as hell. But solo, it's all you. The technology's there, and you're hopefully hearing improvements and getting ideas hearing a playback. Why not go with it? I really learned this trip...
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