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    5 new songs and way better sound!

    1. When in Rome
    2. Song for the Asking
    3. Love Letters
    4. Verse added to Baby Won't you Please Come Home
    5. Lady Be Good (recorded just weeks before this date (12/16/19)

    Full tracks of 1, 3 on joel fass | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    PM for purchase info

    Thanks for your support, Joel...
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    Congratulations, Joel. How did the booklet come out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnerj
    Congratulations, Joel. How did the booklet come out?
    Amazing! Bobby Lenti, my lifelong buddy did a great job with Staples supplies!


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    'Love for sale-----appetizing young love.....'


    PM to order

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    Bobby and I are such perfectionists! We're getting hums and buzzes I noticed out of some tracks, equalizing volumes track to track, fixing sloppy fade-outs---and I'm doing another take on When in Rome (only wish I'd thought of that before shipping to Down Beat and Jazz Times for review----oh, well).

    This new and vastly improved product can be yours by PMing me for order info...

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    I recorded Lady Be Good today, thought I stomped it---and I'm self-critical as hell. Also, we shaved off a lousy chorus on When in Rome, and got the tune right where I want it. Bobby worked some miracles with the sound, got rid of buzzes, got all the volume levels from song to song unified, changed lows to highs and vice versa as needed. I think we made a quality recording---I KNOW it's my best work b/c of all the time and care taken.

    It's for sale. PM me...

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    deleted (see: Joel Fass and Friends Jam for Eddie Diehl) to not double-post.

    Sorry for any confusion...