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    A few clips from some recent gigs i did with my elferink archtop using the small zt lunchbox amp. I'm a big fan of this midget amp, and use it a lot with various guitars, usually miked. But on these two gigs where the videos are from it was just the amp, no pa.

    First gig was in a small medieval church, which is now used for weekly music events during the summer months. Church, so a sea of reverb . On the second gig with keys and violin, i used a boss eq just for a small solo boost, and a hardwire reverb. Normally the lunchbox doesn't sound that bright, but the elferink is a bright sounding guitar, and i recently started yet another pick choice trip, so my current pointy pick adds a bit of brightness too..

    Some more tunes from these gigs here:
    Vlatos Jazz June 2019 - YouTube
    Live @ Jokal's 2019 - YouTube


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    You sound great. Is your Elferink a 17"; floating or built-in?


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    Thank you. It's pretty much a standard left-handed Tonemaster model I think. 16' with a single floating handwound Ken Armstrong pickup.