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    Video You Don't Know What Love Is - Organ Trio

    The audio was recorded on a 1950's Nagra III NP mono reel to reel tape recorder. Video was shot with an iPhone X.

    1959 Gibson ES-125T & Fender Princeton Reverb

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    Oct 2016
    Beaufort, S.C.
    You guys sound really good together!

    And that tune has been one of my favorite songs since the day I heard Johnny Smith's chord melody solo rendition of it.

    Your version had that "smokey nightclub" feel to it even with you all recording it in a brightly lit room!

    Steven Herron
    Learn To Play Chord Melody Solos

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    Oh man . . . that was right on! What a great sound you guys got!

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    Nov 2008
    Greenacres, FL
    Bravo! That was something. Congratulations! And thank you.
    "Learn the repertoire. It’s all in the songs. If you learn 200 songs, you will have no problem improvising."
    Frank Vignola

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    Beautiful! Organ and brushes really go well together.

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    Thanks guys for the kind words!

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    Kingston, NY
    So nice and tasty!

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    Dec 2012
    So glad I clicked on that - loved every second of it - I'm just a sucker for beautiful ballads, I guess. Guitar sounds marvellous!
    Thanks for sharing!
    A long journey starts with the first step...and although I have long forgotten about my destination I'm still enjoying the journey.

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    organ does it everytime ... piano comping dosent...glad i switched to a B4 on band in a box..read somewhere that playing with band in a box is like being on Crutches...maybe one day ill throw them away...not a great wish...

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