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    yes, another solo recording...i'm messing around with this arrangement a little, so let me know what you think

    jeff matz: audio files


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    Very nice playing. Loved your tone, and what you did with the tune. Very tasty treatment. I am going to have to listen to that a couple of times, and maybe steal a couple ideas. Thanks for posting.

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    I really enjoyed that; playing arrangement, tone, recording - everything.

    Thank you.
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    Sounds great. I listened to Here's that Rainy Day too. I've always liked that song.

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    beautiful rendition of that song, really enjoyed it!
    ...practice is fun

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    a late thanks to you all! happy thanksgiving!

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    very very nice

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    Excellent...I love the little vamp...very cool.

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    thanks, all...

    i stole the idea of including a vamp on this tune from cannonball's "something else"

    i've been doing this tune with a drummer lately and stretching out a little "frisell" style...if we record it i'll put it up as a comparison.

    thanks for listening.

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    very nice nice jose

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    I listened to all the songs... sounds great! you should try to find a bassist and a drummer.. start a kind of trio arrangment.
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    believe me, i've been looking. everybody i find either sucks or is good but so gig hungry it's obnoxious. doesn't anybody do it for fun anymore?

    (well, on craigslist i can find twenty guys to play metal with, but, alas...)

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    Jeff, very nice phrasing. I think I read that you are playing a tele....well, it sounds great! I know what you mean about finding people with taste to work with. Guitar is a secondary instrument for me...I'm primarily percussion. In my case, I can't find guys that like a traditional trio project. Those of us that play a 4 piece kit with an 18 inch bass. Wish we lived close together! I suspect a great trio would be at hand. Good work and thanks for posting.

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    thanks for the nice compliments JH.

    it'd be cool if we did live close and formed a trio, but we'd need a bass player too...all i can find are jaco-offs...

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    very good tone and ideas! i sort of know how hard it is to do a solo guitar, and improvising in that... so well done, very impressive.

    i'd like to ask you to record All the things you are... can you do this please?

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    I have an arrangement of "all the things"--I'll try to record it this weekend...

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    oh great thanks man!!! and again great playing!