The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    More info with photos today later.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    My Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-1-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-2-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-3-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-4-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-5-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-6-jpgMy Jazz Telecaster for sale-tele-8-jpg

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    My Telecaster 'Santander' with modifications.
    Mahogany body with chambers.
    Bubinga wood top, thrubody neck,walnut fingerboard, Gotoh locking tuners,APG pickups/humbucers in single size/,titanium KTS saddles,new steel guitar frets.Set up with Pat Martino GHS strings.
    Hard case.

    Price for Tele:1000-Euro

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    Im not into Teles but ..what a guitar solo!
    On fire!

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    @kris...Wow, what a beautifully constructed instrument. The elegant neck-to-body detail is my favorite part.

    And great playing!!

    Good luck with your sale.

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    [Kris left the Forum; not sure if he's still selling this or not ...]