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    This listing is for a 2014, used, Nico Moffa Lorraine in Antique Red. $4300

    This is an absolutely stunning instrument and I hate to sell it but I already own a Moffa Larissa as well as this Lorraine along with 20+ other guitars and I simply can’t afford to keep them all.

    I purchased this instrument (used) from a gentleman in Nashville through Reverb in 2020 during the pandemic. Part of the arrangement for payment was that I’d give the seller a couple of online guitar lessons. During the lessons I noticed he was playing a Moffa Larissa and I told him if he ever wanted to sell that one too I’d be interested. 6 months later I was the owner of both a Moffa Lorraine and a Moffa Larissa. I simply can't afford to keep both so unfortunately as the saying goes “my loss is your gain”.

    This instrument is used and there are signs of wear and a few dings. There is a mark on the back of the guitar about mid-way up from the bottom and another near the volume knob. Neither of these marks penetrate the finish and the guitar has no structural issues at all. If you'd like more photos with additional detail just drop me a line. The frets show very little evidence of wear and are in beautiful shape with no pits or grooves.

    Price is $4300 plus whatever cost your preferred shipping method might be. I really just want to recover most of the the money I paid for the guitar in the first place.
    Comes with a generic hardshell case. I generally ship via UPS Ground with insurance to any location within the continental US.

    Currently strung with .012 strings
    7.1 lbs
    “Carved spruce top,
    24 3/4" neck scale,
    1 11/16 nut width.
    15 1/2" lower bout, 2 1/8" deep.
    Fully hollow (no center block), but has Moffa's unique parallel bracing, which connects the the top and back. This give it it's unique voice with woody sustain.“ Made like a violin, the bracing is all that connects the top and back.

    Attached Images Attached Images 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1526-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1527-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1528-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1529-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1530-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1531-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1532-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1533-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1534-jpg 2014 Moffa Lorraine Antique Red-img_1535-jpg 


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    I'll be posting this guitar to soon....
    no comments?
    no interest?
    no takers?
    It's really a beautiful instrument...

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    Great guitars, i have a 2022 Lorraine. its my main guitar for jazz, i want another someday but a different model of Moffa, maybe Larrisa or a single pickup Mithra. GLWTS

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    Nico really does make some beautiful instruments. Great guitarists like Kurt Rosenwinkel and Gilad Hekselman have been playing them for years.

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    PM sent!

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    I've accepted a deposit on the guitar so unless something falls through it looks like this instrument is off the market.
    You still can buy my beautiful 2011 Sadowsky Jim Hall guitar though:
    REDUCED: 2011 Sadowsky Jim Hall Archtop Guitar
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