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    Hello there!

    For sale is my Quilter Aviator CUB amp, It was with me on 5-6 concerts, there was never any "overuse" of it, and it still has 2 years of warranty from April this year. It is in very good condition, no dings, cratches, etc. I am selling the stuff because I am only using my AER, and an old Roland is on the way to make bigger concerts, and bought a few other things, so this has to go.

    It is on a hungarian trading site, from there it is safe to buy, I can send link if anyone is interested, or pm me with ideas how to make a safe trade for both of us. Dont wanna put it on reverb, or ebay, my price is already not a high one, I dont want a website to tax my price for its own well being. I am located in Hungary, near the Croatian-Slovenian-Austrian border, so if You are from there, its easy to make a meeting.

    Price is 600 Euros.

    Thanks for reading, God Bless You guys!

    Quilter Aviator CUB (Europe)-quilter3-jpgQuilter Aviator CUB (Europe)-quilter2-jpgQuilter Aviator CUB (Europe)-quilter1-jpgQuilter Aviator CUB (Europe)-quilter-jpg


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    Price drop.

    550 Euros + shipping.

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    Sold. Topic closed. Thanks.