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    The 5F1 circuit and cabinet construction of this amp are identical to the legendary narrow panel tweed version, cosmetically updated with black tolex covering and black handle in 1963. This 1964 transitional Champ represents the final form of the 5F1 model before Fender replaced it with the redesigned AA764 Champ later in 1964.

    This example is in collectible condition due to its original circuit components and the original Oxford EV8 speaker. When I bought it 2 years ago it was 100% stock. I had it serviced: two capacitors were replaced and the cable was replaced with a 3 prong. It has the original speaker with original cone, which sounds amazing. Here are some demos.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That Butler or Jennings?

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    Took me forever to find his 2 lps as a leader on Prestige, Glide On and Enough Said in the pre ebay days. Cost me too but worth it. Iirc his brother Al played vibes on Glide On.
    That's a serious Christian vibe on Oof, a cut I hadn't heard thanks for posting.

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    Hell yeah his stuff with bill Doggett is awesome a really raw.

    I’ve spent a lot of time transcribing tracks from Glide On also. Gotta be one of the most under appreciated jazz guitarists.

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    I need to dig into Bill's catalog a little deeper, didn't mean to detract from your sale.

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    All good. Worthy tangent.

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    Last comment, maybe you should change your user name to oofalosychosis.