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    Very nice instrument in very good condition. Some very light expected scratching, neck straight, action low, strung with light flats. Almond sunburst, split block mop inlay, ebony board and tailpiece insert, 1 floating humbucker. Looks like the first guitar made on 5/25/96. Standard specs; carved X braced spruce top, carved maple back and sides, 1 11/16”, 25.5 sweet acoustically or plugged in. $3400 plus actual shipping costs. OHSC.
    Attached Images Attached Images 1996 Heritage Sweet 16 NEW PRICE-22f7e743-681a-4be0-97aa-c660dc313351-jpeg 1996 Heritage Sweet 16 NEW PRICE-f5c35a62-21bb-4d62-be1e-e15fd61927d3-jpeg 1996 Heritage Sweet 16 NEW PRICE-67ceb1b6-ed99-4d19-a76f-6089d8f3c84b-jpeg 
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    Can you mention the neck profile, shape, feel? Fuller, thinner, faster, 59'.......

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    I’m not real good at this but it is a thin neck. I just took it out andA/B with a 2015 strat and they feel very similar. The 16 to me is very comfortable. To me it is more of a “C” shape but very comfortable. In comparison to a 575 it is thinner and more C shaped.

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    Where are you located?

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    Suburban Philadelphia but I’m retired so can travel a reasonable distance.

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    Pittsburgh to the west. Semiretired.
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    Suburban Philadelphia but I’m retired so can travel a reasonable distance.

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    Thanks. If you think you are interested I could meet you somewhere. Do you have any specific questions about the guitar?

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    I just sent you a private message.

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    Definitely a comfy sofa archtop! Best with the sell!

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    This model of Heritage really rings my bell.
    Sweet for sure.

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    Bump for a wonderful instrument.

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    Memorial Day bump

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    Still available

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    Still available?

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    Final bump

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    John Link here retired in Coatesville, PA. Is the Sweet Sixteen still available?

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    John, sorry I missed this. Yes the 16 is still available. I’m in northwest philadelphia suburbs.

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