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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft
    And I'm just inches from selling this Lehmann, if you might be interested. Bought it about 5 years ago from you know who. I like it a lot but just took delivery of a new one and must make room.
    Very nice! What is the price (it's hard to find on Archtop!)?


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    Yeah, he doesn't list the selling price of the previously sold. Most places don't. I paid $3700 US in 2016. I'd like to get $3,000 US + shipping + whatever finance fees might apply.

    More info for anyone interested:
    • currently strung with ancient D'Ad phosphor bronze 12's w/ E&B bumped to 13 & 17.
    - the KA 12 pole balances the set perfectly
    • full set-up inc. fret levelling for that in 2018
    • it needs a fret level for normal play wear over the past years.
    • it is a scarf joint neck
    • note the case bleed on lower bout from the included Guardian case, which is in great shape
    - bleeding has stopped (usually happens when case & finish are still gassing off)
    • also note the ding on lower bout bottom edge in Joe's pictures. I had this repaired. It now shows a bit darker.

    It's a heavier build than my Eastman Pisano 880, and gives a deeper, woodier tone with the stronger fundamental and less 'air' than the Pisano. I make it about a half pound heavier, so it's a bit less prone to feedback.