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    Selling a very nice and clean H-555. Gorgeous flame on this one. Specs and pics below. Asking $3000 here plus shipping, more on reverb.


    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6556-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6554-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6548-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6545-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6546-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6547-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6550-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6552-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6551-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6553-jpg
    1999 Heritage H-555-img-6555-jpg


    When it comes to Semi-Hollowbody guitars, the Heritage H-555 is incomparable. Plus, it’s made to last. This semi hollow-body guitar is perfect for any musician.
    Here are some other specifications:

    • Semi-Hollow
    • Beautiful flame Maple top and back
    • Ebony fretboard
    • Single-Bound pickguard with F-Holes
    • 17 Degree peghead
    • Multiple white bound top and back
    • 22 Frets
    • Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlays
    • Gold Hardware
    • Hard Case
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    Beautiful 555.

    The neck is maple, and the pickups are most likely by Schaller.

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    Stunning !
    glwts Paulie

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarcarver
    Beautiful 555.

    The neck is maple, and the pickups are most likely by Schaller.
    Great catch thanks! I copied a Reverb listing and didn’t even double check the specs matched. I will update my post.

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    I have one with a maple neck.

    There are a few advantages over the ES-355 (at least differences). The guitar body is slightly thinner by 1/8" and therefore weighs slightly less. The jack is on the side, not top. The H-555 came with either a maple or a mahogany neck.

    For those who want to swap out hardware, it's pretty easy.

    Nice guitars.

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    Weekend bump

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    That's a lovely instrument, GLWTS!

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    Monday bump

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    Bump - Make me an offer

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    Price drop - $2800

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    Somebody got a nice axe!