Ibanez jazzgitaar 2616 CS.

Considering the castel headstock this is a post-law suit guitar, so after 1977. I do not known the exact date of construction but I know this is a fine sounding imitation of the Gibson ES 175.

I bought the guitar used on February 24, 2011 and used it for teaching at the University Jazz Department where I worked until June 2022. Maintenance was always done by a professional guitar technician.
The guitar does not come with a case or gig bag.

Opening bid is €2.000,00

Ibanez 2616-8a324607-4c2d-4474-a9f5-f066fe3245e4-jpgIbanez 2616-a7e901e8-42dd-4029-b1f2-ddeed6d960b2-jpgIbanez 2616-77054578-8814-4884-a8d7-17f335d8366e-jpgIbanez 2616-c2a5caad-b1af-4254-86c4-73a4b6808ade-jpgIbanez 2616-dbd17ac0-e776-46b8-ad9e-eadc5635661e-jpgIbanez 2616-6138a5a6-aa76-4029-89f5-c48d2965295f-jpgIbanez 2616-fdc6060a-2ef6-45e8-a61e-b19962a6fbf9-jpg