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    - Type / luthier: classical/Ramirez
    - Year of construction: 2010
    - Scale length (mm): 650
    - Nut width (mm): 52mm
    - Top: Spruce
    - Bracing (fan/lattice/other): Fan
    - Back / Sides: Indian Rosewood
    - Fingerboard / (bridge): Ebony
    - Sound: Big
    - Condition: Very Good
    - Price: £4500 plus shipping
    - Viewing / trial possible: South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, Scotland
    - Location (nearest city): South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, Scotland

    A brilliant guitar. This guitar has a big sound, would be a great concert guitar, clear and mellow at the same time - a difficult thing to bring off. Very playable neck!

    The spruce top is really beautiful. To be honest, I thought the only Ramirez 1A worth buying would be from the 1950s to early 70s, but I've been proved wrong! I'm actually - honestly - REALLY impressed with this guitar, but I have TWO 19th-century guitars coming my way this coming month (!), so this sadly has to go.

    To buy new would cost over 8 grand (see t h o m a n n website, for example). This one looks almost mint, save for two things: a mark below the bridge from a 1st-string break (almost not photographable) and a small white mark below the first fret - no idea how that got there, but it is not noticeable when playing and makes less than zero difference to the sound or playability.

    Two videos here. The first has Aquila Rubino strings, the second has Aquila Rayon basses and Damian Dlugolecki gut trebles. They sound very different. I'm sure everyone will have their preferred string!

    Original Ramirez-embossed case - high quality.

    I exchanged this for a 7-string I was trying to sell, and I'm reducing the price by £1,000 to sell here. Later on it will go to e - b a y at a higher price if not sold here. US buyers can benefit from a really low £ at the moment, but I would expect non-UK buyers to pay shipping and insurance - you arrange the insurance. I'll pack it really well. We could do a Zoom meet-up if you want to see, hear and discuss it.

    Ramirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-2010-jpgRamirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-20103-jpgRamirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-20105-jpgRamirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-20107-jpgRamirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-201012-jpgRamirez 1A Classical with Spruce Soundboard 2010 £4500 + shipping-ramirez-1a-201013-jpg


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    Yowza, a spruce Ramirez.

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    Yes, a rare beast. They should make more of them.

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    Very beautiful guitar. GLWTS.

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    I like the monogrammed buttons, nice detail. I also like what you did with the tap plate behind the bridge. (Although the horse got out before the barn door was closed.) I have lots of nicks down there on my tied nylons.

    Then again, there's this...

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    That back has the interlocking grain characteristic of Brazilian rosewood (and not characteristic of Indian rosewood).

    Gorgeous. GLWS!

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    Impeccable playing, as usual. It's a joy to listen to especially on this remarkable guitar.
    Good luck with the sale.


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    Thanks, folks. It’s a beauty.

    All Ramirez guitars were spruce until Jose Ramirez III made the first of their cedar-top 1A guitars for Segovia. Although they made and continue to make spruce tops, they are still heavily outnumbered by cedar tops. I like both.

    Woody, that’s a beautiful guitar!

    Sam…I thought it was Brazilian, but a few pro luthiers have told me it is East Indian rosewood. If it IS Brazilian, the price will go up, but there would be no sale to the US…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    Sam…I thought it was Brazilian, but a few pro luthiers have told me it is East Indian rosewood. If it IS Brazilian, the price will go up, but there would be no sale to the US…
    Rob, I have never, ever seen that interlocking grain on IRW.
    I dunno, maybe it's Zircote or some other BRW substitute, but I don't see IRW there at all.

    BRW makes sense: Old-school spruce top, old-school BRW back.

    What do the sides show?

    I bet the Ramirez shop keeps records.
    Eager to hear what they say!

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    I’ll write to them, Sam, see what they say, then report back.

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    Speaking of CITES and importing to the US or anywhere, the rules have changed for anything but Brazilian. Guess I can’t sell my Marin-Montero)))
    This is from the Taylor Guitars site (my bolding). CITES: Rosewood Trade Regulations | Taylor Guitars

    Another tonewood listed under CITES is the Dalbergia (rosewood) genus, which was listed on CITES Appendix II to combat the trade in illegal wood, specifically for furniture building. The entire Dalbergia genus was listed on January 2, 2017, and assigned a newly written Annotation #15. Unfortunately, this well-intended Annotation caused significant unintended consequences and severely impacted an unintended sector: musical instruments. In November of 2019 the Annotation was revised, thus exempting finished musical instruments, finished musical instrument parts, and finished musical instrument accessories from requiring CITES documentation. This means that if you have a guitar with a rosewood part (other than Brazilian* rosewood), you’re free and clear.

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    With the Pound plummeting, now pretty much equaling the Dollar, you guys in the US can grab a bargain...just saying!