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    Well with great hesitation I’m offering my 2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop for sale. Specs are as follows: 16&12” width, 2&1/2” to 3” body depth, 25&1/2” scale length, 1&3/4” width nut, comfortable medium/large C shape 5 piece maple neck.Ebony fingerboard
    Peter Biltoft CC floating humbucker custom made. Bigsby Gold B6 Gold Vibrato, original ebony tailpiece included, Wayne Compton Hollow Bridge, Ebony bridge included, Gotoh 510 Gold tuners, Hiscox Hardshell case!
    $4800 Paypaled and shipped Cont USA!
    2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-352ba296-84ec-47b2-a882-a236da14f4bf-jpg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-aab6a1c3-d625-43e3-b862-617e65b06a05-jpg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-9624e527-066f-4dc4-9a28-34b3d12670a2-jpeg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-57a4594a-5ab1-408e-a46c-b4849fb8ad31-jpeg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-da35bf2c-61ac-45b1-ba55-56fe9dd53932-jpeg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-776b4acf-8e90-4ec1-91e9-7f645f707c1d-jpg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-0c5bdcb3-3fc8-4f11-bca8-41096d6a4da4-jpeg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-bf472c4d-d9b9-4d3d-86b1-6cf0ac0309d8-jpeg2015 Elferink Tonemaster Archtop-4e1a28c7-b01b-451f-a3d8-ce09dab38a7b-jpeg


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    Pretty thing..

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    Just not gigging enough any longer to justify owning this beauty!

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    Beautiful instrument. I have followed Elferink for awhile but unfortunately have not been able to play or see one.


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    I have one (Tonemaster), beautiful instrument. Recommend.

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    Sunday Bump! Okay

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