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    I recently played through another member’s AH200 that I really liked and would like to track something similar down in the UK. combo or head and cab



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    I have a Quilter Micropro 200 head. Discontinued now, but in a similar ballpark to the Evans as I understand it. It’s a great amp but I have a Phil Jones AG-300 which just works slightly better for what I do so I wouldn’t be too sad to move it on.

    There’s also a Carlsbro 1x12 cab I use with it, loaded with an Eminence Beta LTA-12. It’s a full range speaker with better response in the highs. Works well with the full range setting on the Quilter.

    Only thing to mention is that the reverb no longer works on the amp. No idea why but it’s an integrated circuit that doesn’t seem to be easily repairable so I’ve just left it alone (it was like that when I got it). I haven’t followed it up with Quilter or anything. If you really need reverb I suppose a hall of fame pedal or similar would do the job.

    I’d be looking at around 450 for the head and cab. I’m after a blonde Fender Deluxe Tonemaster if anyone wants to PX/swap. I’m based near Guildford, UK. Let me know if it’s of interest.

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    This is the amp btw MicroPro Gen 1 Head Quilter Labs

    Comes with a foot switch and a soft carry case too.

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    Thank you for offering the quilter. I had a combo at one point, nice amp but I’ve settled on a Polytone.