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    Guild X-700 1997

    This video shows the same guitar as mine essentially. Mine is in minty condition with case for much less. It is the old Guild factory's version of the L-5 with a few differences. Check out the video.

    Here is my guitar.



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    It has a carved top and a laminated back, like most of the Gibson Florentine cutaway L-5CES models of the 1960s.
    Common error.

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    That's true.

    Like the L-5CES, the X-700 is an electric guitar with a decent acoustic voice.

    When I got the guitar I brought it to the Heritage luthiers. A small crowd formed. They talked among themselves about the very high quality of the build and the top. They focused on binding scraping, binding layering, inlays and neck. They one negative comment was about the plastic pickguard vs. a wood one. It was said that the X-700 exceeded the workmanship of the Heritage Golden Eagle. That led to a discussion about how Gibson used plastic because of the durability. Apparently there was a breakage problem with wood pickguards during cutting, mounting and shipping that added to the expense. Of course plastic was cheaper to begin with even if all went well. But the multilaminate plastic wasn't much cheaper.

    My opinion is that the Golden Eagle has a simpler elegance.

    The master volume is useful and doesn't get in the way. I have used it basically as a kill switch. I turn it all the way down between tunes and all the way up to resume. That way I don't need to find the right volume again on the neck pickup. If I'm using both pickups it's even more handy.

    The laminated back works well. After all, the back of the guitar is against your body and won't resonate like a top. It just reflects acoustic waves forward. Lamination creates breathtaking beauty of the maple with greater durability compared to carving. For an electric, it makes perfect sense.

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    Save 00 on Guild X-700-50128924093_cfc792702b_c-jpgSave 00 on Guild X-700-50128929668_b6818e89b7_c-jpgSave 00 on Guild X-700-50129475801_15a55a5f9a_c-jpgSave 00 on Guild X-700-50129478441_f287e6ca06_c-jpgSave 00 on Guild X-700-50128911023_a50482c73f_c-jpgSave 00 on Guild X-700-50129701592_a2db36d0ab_c-jpg

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    I don’t have to say this to most people on this forum because Martygrass is a WELL respected long standing mainstay on this forum, but I will say it anyway. Martygrass is an outstanding person to buy a guitar from. He knows good from bad, and will never buy an inferior guitar just to flip it. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from MG. He isn’t looking to make a huge profit. He just loves guitars and runs out of room once in a while.
    Buy with complete confidence, when you deal with MG.
    Mg, by the way, that’s a REALLY nice guitar.
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    Beautiful guitar

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    So the price is $3,795?

    Rich = 4,795
    MG = Rich - 1,000
    MG = 3,795
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    How much do you sell it for?

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    $3400 plus shipping from Michigan.

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    Absolutely exceptional guitars. The pickups have the most 'vocal' quality to them (that's why Jim Hall specified the use of those Guild pickups when Jimmy D'Aquisto built his custom). I've long considered those guitars the overlooked steal of the lot when it comes to high end electric jazz boxes. Guild had their own way of doing things.
    That's a quartered top and near quartered neck. That's going to have a long stable life and a nice attack. Beautiful. Good luck with the sale (and purchase for the lucky buyer).
    Do they even make those blister cover pickups anymore?

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    To answer a couple of questions:

    It is 3.5" deep,

    The first fret fatness is 0.827" deep.

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    It has a second fitted bridge.

    Save 00 on Guild X-700-52390629529_b5b2197d1a_c-jpg

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    I cannot find words to describe how beautiful that guitar is. I wish I had the $$. I would grab that in a heartbeat!

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    This has got to be the deal of the Century! I wish I had the room. If I had the room, I'd beg, borrow, or steal the money. (Just Kidding. Sorta. )
    Seriously, folks, this is a fantastic deal. Word....

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    Bumping this so someone else buys it other than myself. I’m not often tempted but this one has got me. It should stay with a forum member.

    What is the neck carve like?

    And an additional TOM! Arghhh.

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    Yea, such a great guitar and a great seller. I am just a short drive to Kalamazoo. So don't make me drive over there!
    Thanks John

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    Sale pending!

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    Sold to one of our members.

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    It’s now in my possession. Lovely instrument. Thanks, MG!

    Here it is, amongst new friends…
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