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    Hello everyone,

    I am selling a Moffa waiting list slot, my turn is estimated in october 2023. I already own 1 Moffa - Mithra, 14.5" semihollow it is my main and by far best guitar I've ever played. I paid this deposit before the Ukraine crisis and I needed a new race bike, so with a bit of heavy heart I will have to put another Moffa on hold. It took me a while to make the final descision, but here it is .

    Feel free to pm/ask for anything
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    Moffa guitars are really wonderful. I own a Lorraine and a Larissa and they are both outstanding instruments.
    How much are you selling your slot for?

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    I agree, It is something magical about them and their dynamic . The price is the same as the deposit I paid, I do not intend to make any profit from this.

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    Moffa guitars are such beautiful and amazing instruments to play. Perhaps you'd get more responses here if you posted what the the price of the deposit actually is.

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    And for what model is your deposit?

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    Oh yes, you are right. So the deposit is for model of any kind, you choose the model around 6 months prior. The cost of the deposit is 2000 euros ( 1000 euros is the first deposit and another 1000 euros is the second, after 6 months).

    Hope that helps!

    Moffa waiting list slot-20220819_150734-jpg

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    Still available!

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    Price down to 1950euros, meaning you can get a moffa in almost a year (october 2023) and 50 euros cheaper (on me).

    Pm with questions/second toughts of anykind.

    Kind regards!

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