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    I purchased this new in 2014 or 2015. Has not been played in over two years. Only ever used in my smoke free home as a hobbyist. So it is very close to the condition I got it in. I also used two way humidity packs the whole time.

    Before I put it away I believe it was set up with George Benson 14 TI strings.

    A few years ago I paid way too much for a custom all wood bridge. Oh well. It is nice though and comes with it.

    Attached is a picture from 2017. I will update pictures soon because I am also going to sell my amp, I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this.

    $3,500 plus shipping (around $100-150 maybe? Not sure best way yet) in USA

    Please make an offer, would love to avoid ebay if possible.

    Attached Images Attached Images 2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-2c6f602e-34aa-4a80-b470-9ea431ab1fb4-jpeg 2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-227abe72-9e5d-4d0a-bed5-c72f7ff3efe5-jpg 


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    Ginkgo seedlings not included

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    Is that an L4 pickguard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franz 1997
    Is that an L4 pickguard?
    It shouldn't be lol! All original purchased new by me (except the bridge). The original bridge is included.

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    2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-dc8d918b-0731-4627-a7da-5997b00e6322-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-3dcddad9-7389-4753-9145-9ca3bcde116a-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-20264f52-6d89-43b0-82be-ac14ea6dd1f7-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-90aac838-c976-4e51-9291-e8468afe5ddc-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-e9a12146-4552-4945-b241-996ad109fefd-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-f0db2e8e-32ea-4ff1-991d-3bcfb8086c12-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-de5cfd09-7303-4e37-b648-853ad39b8503-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-ba503292-e9d0-42ab-9c94-5d65e9658adb-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-b99c26cf-2b08-400f-bc4d-1898c2ece7dd-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-daa78bc3-2eaf-4412-b5fe-8f6006764f65-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-013f84bf-2ca8-43f3-8767-afc5e7d8a530-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-5557b012-33b3-4b4c-9e1a-73d098092c0d-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-c267ebdd-b0e2-41cb-8479-fe025fe81048-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-dc10b427-771d-4d15-b263-ee6815a64d01-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-658d3c76-88a6-46c6-aa90-8ef19b5751f6-jpg2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-a89028b2-b0dc-41fc-89b7-4e81da198f58-jpgSo the closest thing to a flaw I could find is a defect in the fretboard that can be seen at the tip of my ring finger on the one picture. It was like that when I got it and has no effect on anything

    Also, looking at the pictures now I have to assure you that's not glue on the neck joint, it's old polish!

    As you can see this is not new-car clean. I'll wipe it down with a damp cotton cloth, but I'll leave the polishing to the buyer because I just can never seem to do it right.
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    2013 Gibson ES-175 barely used-0d32f558-511f-43af-b917-4f8e1851ca40-jpg$3,400?