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    Projects for which I no longer have time...
    The non cutaway guard had a Biltoft pickup with an angled mount at one point, installed on a 1949 Epi Broadway.
    I had intended to swap the pickup from the cutaway pickguard to the non cutaway one, but never got around to it.
    The current guard has volume and tone, with an orange drop cap.
    The binding around the cutaway pickguard is starting to come loose, and the pickguard itself is slightly warped.

    Pickguards and VV Biltoft pickup-img_7670-jpgPickguards and VV Biltoft pickup-img_7671-jpgPickguards and VV Biltoft pickup-img_7672-jpg
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    Price reduced

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    I had a DeArmond for a while but would like to use a pickguard mounted pick-up for my L-5. Although I've had it for sale I'll likely end up keeping it you think your pick-up would work for me? My PG is a replacement but I could get another to retrofit.

    Thank you.
    Attached Images Attached Images Pickguards and VV Biltoft pickup-41l5-7-jpg 

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    Oooohhh...I've lusted over that guitar, and sent it to 5 friends trying to get them to buy it.
    That is such a beauty.

    The Biltoft sounds great and looks nice.