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    Hi, Selling an Original Series Gibson ES-345 Sunburst with Brown Hard Case All Original parts as well included. Bridge is back to tuneomatic, etc.
    Exc Cond! $3000.00 Lowest Price**** Paypaled and Shipped Cont USA! Thanks for looking!

    Attached Images Attached Images 2021 Gibson ES-345TDS-df51b5ab-cd06-4d5a-a14b-d69609ab196c-jpg 2021 Gibson ES-345TDS-07cf4ca5-c311-441d-81e4-6f86069ebaa4-jpg 2021 Gibson ES-345TDS-62bf9a2a-2685-42d1-847d-6be2ba7d2c95-jpg 2021 Gibson ES-345TDS-24f11ca5-d7e7-4afb-a675-88cfe4088b6d-jpg 
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I can’t believe this hasn’t sold!

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    I can’t either! Gibson raised their prices again, so now they are $3800. Plus shipping and tax!

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    Lowest Price$3000.00 Paypaled and Shipped Continental USA!

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    Man what a Slow Market!

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    Great deal on a great guitar! Three-fourty-fives are the sleeper standouts of the semi-hollow world with a unique vibe and smokey sound. I wish I had the dough and the space. Someone is going to be a happy camper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    Man what a Slow Market!
    Reverb sales action is the same. Maybe summer is the downtime, or maybe others sense impending recession?

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    Funny how extreme markets can be these days. Can’t have enough stock or can’t sell enough. Feast and and Famine, Lol!

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    Great Guitar Great Price!

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