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    This is an iconic Gibson BB King guitar built in 1997. What separates it from the others listed elsewhere is the care that has been taken to preserve it. I just received this back from the shop with over $1000 in work performed. The body was buffed with hardware off to remove almost all of the light scratches. I replaced the pickups with new Gibson branded Classic 57 hum buckers (57 on neck and 57+ on bridge). All internal wiring was replaced. Volume controls have new pots. Tone controls have new pots and caps. The three way pick up selector switch was replaced with a new one. I left the Varitone control alone except to check it for full functionality and integrity of solder joints. Frets were dressed and polished and a set up performed. The only thing preventing me from grading this as Excellent is the very slight tarnish on some of the gold parts. If you know Gibsons, you are no stranger to this condition. The original Gibson hard case is included.

    CONUS sales only. Pre pay with PayPal. I'll cover the PayPal fee. Buyer pays shipping. Price: $4200.

    1997 Gibson BB King-img_0862-jpeg
    1997 Gibson BB King-img_0855-jpeg
    Attached Images Attached Images 1997 Gibson BB King-img_0856-jpeg 1997 Gibson BB King-img_0861-jpeg 1997 Gibson BB King-img_0859-jpeg 1997 Gibson BB King-img_0865-jpeg 
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    Holy Smokes! That is glorious! !

    Nobody played nor sang the blues like BB! He had soul and a big and generous heart that where enormous!
    Lovely guitar. Somebody is going to be very happy with it! I'm tempted, but have a prior commitment!