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    Have a D'Angelico SS and it's the PERFECT size, but I play mainly unplugged and with the center-block it just sounds muffled when unplugged.
    So looking for an acoustic archtop 15" x 1 3/4' for the lower bout.

    Closest I have been able to find for a reasonable (non-collectible) price is the Eastman T145... which is an absolutely beautiful creation!
    Also love the 1 3/4" nut which gives my fingers just a little more room.

    Been on the hunt for an Eastman T145, and information about them.
    Boy these things are not the easiest to find information on, yet I know they come up for sale occasionally.

    If you have one, know of someone who has one, or knows a bit about them feel free to comment or DM.
    Would also consider another make / brand if price is reasonable and it sounds wonderful acoustically.

    And yes, I have considered the following... but ruled them out - at least for this round of GAS:
    The Gretsch 6119 at 15 1/2" x 2", Awesome guitar but just don't feel the need for all the 'extra' (Bigsby, extra holes in the top, etc.) for what I'm looking for atm.
    Gibson ES-275 Thinline (15 1/4" x 2 1/8")... but with those starting at about $4k used right now... it's not on the priority list.
    Had an opportunity to play an Eastman Jazz Elite 16 (16" x 2 1/4") recently and it's a dream, yet still a bit bigger than desired for my daily driver.


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    I owned one of those, and it was a very nice guitar. I'm still a little unhappy I sold it. The acoustic tone wasn't great, because of the very shallow body, but it was loud. Good luck in your search.

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    How about an Eastman ar503 (carved top) or a403 (laminated top)? They're thicker than a T145, but still a lot thinner than a typical full-depth archtop. Both have strong acoustic sounds.

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    I have a T-145 SMD (Spruce top, Maple back and sides Double pickup). I bought it specifically because I wanted a solid top, thin line guitar with a longer scale length and an ebony fretboard (and I don't have the bread for a custom build). I looked for quite a while before finding this one and pounced immediately.

    It is a terrific guitar, super comfortable to play and sounds wonderful. It became my go-to gig guitar almost immediately.

    The guy I bought it from was a guitar major at USC, and their shop installed a coil tap on the neck pickup, which is activated with a push-pull tone pot. The single coil sound is also excellent, it's a very worthwhile modification. The set up on it is also very good, really nice frets.

    I would consider selling it, I suppose, let me know if this might be of interest.

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    I just sold one(SMD-two pickups)and yes, it has good and loud acoustic sound for its size.Very nice guitar.

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    I have an eastman el rey 1 with a solid spruce top. Very small and light with a surprisingly good acoustic voice. The pickup wasnt much though so changed it for a zoeller

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    I have an Eastman AR603-15 for sale on the boards here. Nice, small-body archtop with mounted pickup, mahogany back and sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John A.
    How about an Eastman ar503 (carved top) or a403 (laminated top)? They're thicker than a T145, but still a lot thinner than a typical full-depth archtop. Both have strong acoustic sounds.
    Yes and thank you! Finding that I either like big and thick (17"x3") or medium and thin (15" x 1 3/4").

    Quote Originally Posted by RayS
    Aren't these semi-hollow? I found that the S-H I've played seem somewhat dull acoustically. Have you played one of these acoustically?Always learning, so would be happy to learn that a S-H can be just as bright under the correct conditions.

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    Hi. I have my T-64 up for grabs if you want to chat. Much like an 330/335.

    Surplus to needs as I always use the other 2.

    Hardcase and certificate etc...

    Very clean example and used for a wedding g drinks reception once and then played at home very minimally.
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